5 Ways to Naturally Protect Skin from Signs of Ageing

Ageing is an inevitable part of life but it doesn’t mean that we can’t give our skin the best chance to retain its youthful glow for as long as possible.

Skincare products can definitely help us nourish and boost our skin’s natural defenses, giving us a head start and helping us provide our skin with all the tools it needs to renew and repair itself. There are, however, plenty of other ways we can battle the signs of ageing aside from skincare products which will mean we get the most out of our skincare investments.

5 Natural Anti-Ageing Solutions

Giving our skin the best chance to thrive takes work and commitment in all areas of our lives. Not just our morning and evening skincare routines, but in our lifestyles as well. The great news is, if you follow these few tips for better skin, you will see amazing results elsewhere in your body as well! So it’s worth investing the time in your mind, body and spirit as one:

1) Eat, drink, sleep, repeat: it’s the basics for a reason. As you’ve heard 1000 times, make sure you are eating the right things, drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep. Smoking, excessive alcohol and sleeping with makeup on will all dry out and age your skin prematurely.

Getting enough sleep as we have discussed in a previous post has been shown by scientists studying the effects on our skin, to be directly related. Proper deep sleep gives your body a chance to repair itself at a cellular level, and cell renewal is how our skin maintains its youthful glow and firmness.

2) Sleep on your back: we have also discussed this before in our sleep post but it’s equally important in our product-less approach to anti-ageing. Studies have shown that certain sleep positions can affect the lines appearing on your face when you wake up. Pillows can cause friction and tugging at the skin which pulls on elasticity and loosens it over time.

The good news is, general consensus has been that sleeping on your back is also the best for you for other reasons too, such as minimal extension of your head, neck and spine, which can rest in neutral positions.

3) Consume more collagen: you may have seen collagen supplement products bursting across the marketplace recently, and here’s the reason why. Collagen is the protein in your skin that gives it a firm structure. As the structure weakens later in life, skin starts to sag and crease.

You can add collagen to your diet through foods such as bone broth, green veggies, organic meat, egg whites, beans, cheese and fruits high in vitamin C.

4) Omega-3 fatty acids: dry skin comes, unsurprisingly, from a lack of moisture at a cellular level. Skin anti-ageing nutrition includes foods containing omega-3 fatty acids help skin retain its moisture and give skin a smoother, softer and calmer feel. They are also thought to fight depression, anxiety, improve eye health, brain health, improve risks of heart disease and fight inflammation, so if anti-ageing properties weren’t enough, there are a whole host of other benefits to this ingredient.

Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids include fatty fish, walnuts, flaxseed, olive oil and chia seeds.

5) Daily stress relief: it seems simple and yet we often overlook its importance. Reducing the stress that comes with our everyday lives is paramount in helping our bodies to recover, rebalance and realign from within. We need to show ourselves some love to keep nourished and nurtured.

Studies have found that the prolonged effects of stress can result in chronic immune dysfunction and DNA damage, inhibiting optimal cell renewal and causing our skin to look weathered and stressed with us. Allowing ourselves and our skin time to heal and repair is crucial. If this is something you struggle with, try researching the Danish practice of Hygge, and introduce some relaxation into your existing routine.


Choosing how you treat your body, what you put into it and what you put on it is all interconnected, so we cannot treat one aspect as an isolated example. We must view our skin and our bodies holistically when looking at how to create the optimal conditions for us to shine and thrive.

Anti-ageing ultimately comes down to keeping hydrated, rested and protected from nasty artificial ingredients. If we can do these things, we will get the best out of any anti-ageing products we buy to compliment our selfcare.

Putting all these things together will help us to look and feel healthier and younger for longer.



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