Behind the scene: how love for no-make up glowy look created Florishe Camellia Collection

There's nothing wrong with wearing makeup. It can be a really fun way to express yourself, and there's no harm in wanting to look good. I thought though, it could be easier, and I should still be able to look beautiful. Who wouldn’t want 10 minutes saving in the morning? I started playing with the minimalist no-make up make up look concept.

Easiest way to start? Skin care. Actually having glowy, dewy, and naturally beautiful skin might be the easiest and lasting first step. While some people were born with naturally beautiful glass skin, I wasn’t blessed that way. Growing up I had many hormonal breakouts and the moment I got out under the Sun, I felt like I was getting at least a few freckles each minute (aka. I was a ginger kid).

Because of the imperfect skin I had, I used to feel very insecure about going out without some sort of coverage. It was especially worse when I was surrounded by people who either had amazing skin or had incredible make-up skills. I had neither of these, which made me feel like I was the unattractive black swan of the group.

But from the moment I decided to go full-on no-make up make up look, I decided to embrace it and think of it as my charm. I decided this was a new beauty standard I create for myself.


How I started

Gradually, though, I went light on the coverage and indulged in skin care, reducing the number of days I used BB cream or tinted moisturizers. I focused on creating a few key few multi-functional, clean skincare products that were packed with good natural active ingredients. This was a conscious decision, as I didn’t have much time to do things like a 10-step skin care regime. Like all of us know, every minute counted so much every morning.

When we had the prototype Camellia Full-Blossom Serum and Ultra Rejuvenating Facial Treatment, my morning routine included the Serum and SPF. My night routine had one more step- Camellia Oil. Of course, no SPF. Once or twice a week, I pampered myself with Florishe’s overnight facial treatment mask to give an extra boost.

My BB cream/ cover-up days went from 4 days a week to 3 days a week, and then 2 days a week. And eventually, it became zero.

And here is what I found

More time for me
Once I started practicing the no-make up make up look, I had so much more spare time in the morning that I could either use to get extra sleep (which is delightful indeed) or turn into a productive activity like reading articles or quickly doing my favorite yoga routines.

Healthier Look
My skin looked better than ever. As I reduce the days I apply BB cream or other cover-up beauty products, my skin tone gradually got better and started looking far healthier. Eventually, I didn’t feel the need to apply any cover-up products as my skin naturally was far brighter and dewier.

Boosted Confidence

As I embrace my natural look, I feel far more confident. I don’t have to feel insecure if my make-up is not up to the par on a certain day. I don’t have to feel like I have to look a certain way. I am just being me and I know my natural self was just great.

If you haven’t, try. You will be surprised with the easy and pleasant lifestyle that only makes you feel more beautiful.


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