Riding the high wave with the savvy beauty culture

Growing up in South Korea, it was normal and quite common to see my friends use over 10-12 steps of skin care products every night. Yes, the Korean 12 steps regime is true ritual!

This kind of skin care was more of our culture and part of our daily routine. Just like how French people are obsessed with good food, long conversations over lunch, and culture, we are obsessed with our beauty and took joy out of it. And yes, we were extremely selective with what we used, and loved trying products with better effects, and better ingredients. Snail cream, blueberry sheet mask, chestnut peel extract anti-aging cream... you name it. 

The result? My friends who are in their 30s shine their baby-soft, spotless, and glowing skins that do not even need much makeup.

Thanks to this culture, Korean beauty industry boasts cutting edge beauty technologies.  Laboratories in Korea are innovating all the time at a rapid pace that you cannot see any other part of the world. This glowy and spotless skin obsession cultivated a gentle, yet very selective, nature-meets-technology ethos. 

Now, the new trend in Korea is all about skin care that works but good for you and no harmful chemical. Everyone is so focused on using products with green-rating and proven to be great for your well-being. We are thrilled to ride on that high wave and have you join us! 

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