Florishe is a natural, clean beauty company with a focus on wellness.


What We Stand For

Our mission is to provide non-compromised, natural and clean beauty products that are effective, and good for our customers' health. We’re here to help you make informed skin care decisions, discover new natural products, look great, and boost your overall wellness. 


Our Journey

Founder Hye-C Pang created Florishe to blend the goodness of natural products with technology backed by scientific studies to boost people's wellness. Her journey began in her apartment in 2017 while she was attending the Wharton school. As a skin care and natural product lover, she was always on a quest to find gentler and more effective products. One day she noticed a lot of her products that seemed natural and good for her skin were actually just full of harmful chemicals with very small portions of 'star' natural ingredients. She couldn't believe that she was actually putting 'petroleum jelly' on her body and face. 

So she started studying plants and sourcing natural ingredients and formulating her first serum in her kitchen. The freshness of the products and knowing where the ingredients came from made the process even more exciting. She gradually built partnerships with natural plant experts and a reputable lab to make the formula even more effective. The journey to perfect the natural formulation took countless revisions, tests and analyzing feedback gatherings. Now, with many exciting and sleepless nights behind us, we are excited to launch our natural & organic skin care products to cater to millions of women who want to let their beauty shine.