Only the Healthy Ingredients. No Harmful Chemicals. No Compromises.

Did you know that there are over 1,300 unhealthy ingredients banned in Europe that are used in products here in the US? Did you know they’re known and suspected to cause cancer, toxic to the reproductive system, and a host of other harmful effects?

Get informed and stay selective. At Florishe, we believe in providing the best possible natural products to make your beauty shine while also keeping your health in mind. We avoided any ingredients seemingly linked to internal health disruption or suspected to carry potential risks. You will notice that all of our ingredients have “green” and “safest” rating per Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database.

Sustainable and Transparent Sourcing

Our commitment goes much deeper than our use of natural ingredients. We believe in delivering green and high performance products that are kinder to the planet, and transparent to you, our community.

We take pride in delivering sustainably farmed ingredients from the most beautiful and pure areas of Korea. Our key ingredient camellia flowers (Camellia Japonica) and green tea (Camellia Sinensis) are from Jeju island and Boseong, Korea, which are known for their clean, and wondrous nature.

Captivate Korean Natural Glow

Have you heard of K-beauty? The term reflects Korean's obsession over beauty that is not about covering imperfection but about maintaining beautiful skin and a natural look through a holistic skin care routine. Consumers in Korea are extremely selective with what they use, are knowledgeable about ingredients and prefer gentle, yet effective, formulation.

This glowy and spotless skin obsession cultivated a gentle and selective, nature-meets-technology ethos, where beauty industry's research and development have been flourishing. Thanks to this culture, Korean beauty industry and laboratories boast cutting edge beauty technologies.

Made to Shine Your Beauty

During our journey to the perfect formulations, we consulted with natural plants, skin care, and clean beauty experts. We reviewed close to 100 labs, and met with 20 of those labs in Korea. After careful considerations, we partnered with the most reputable lab to create the best and gentle formulation. We then had our pickiest users test our products and continued improving the formulation until they were fully satisfied. This journey to the best formulations took close to a year to perfect.